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Why Professional Products?

Why do estheticians want you to buy their "expensive" products instead of using drugstore products?

You may think we are trying to make a buck. Some of us are, sure, but there are many other reasons for this as well.

For me, it isn't about the sale, but about helping my client find the best product for their skin concerns.

Professional companies spend more money on figuring out the best formulations for the ingredients to work, spend money on studying their products to make sure they work as intended, sometimes spending more on the ingredients themselves to make sure they are getting the best stuff for their products. They offer training on their products, to give us the best knowledge of the products. Professional products have a higher concentration of active ingredients, meaning that the products contain more of the ingredients that make changes in your skin. All of these things raise the cost of the product, but it also means you can usually use less of the product to still get the desired effect. Professional products tend to last longer than drugstore products for this reason.

As estheticians look around the many lines that offer products to decide which one to invest in (It can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to bring on a new line), we need to decide which products will our clients like or use the most or which we like the most. It is much easier to sell a line that we are passionate about, that we know about and that we think will bring about the best results.

Very often, when I look at drugstore products or other lines, the ingredient deck makes it easy to see why my clients aren't seeing the desired result. Not only are people often using the wrong products because they are listening to friends and influencers for their skincare recommendations, but because the products are often cheaply made.

The ingredients at the top of the list, are the ones with the highest concentrations, and in non-professional products, the ingredients at the top are usually fillers. They advertise their "main" ingredients as "xyz" and then "xyz" is near the middle and bottom of the list, meaning it has a lower concentration than the fillers.

Many people get so frustrated spending so much money on some of these products and not seeing results that they are reluctant to listen to our advice and invest in the products that will work.

One of the biggest indicators that a client will see results, is their willingness to try the products we recommend because the daily use of the products gets way more results than the treatments we give. The treatments can further the results and speed the results up, but they are not the end-all. I like to compare it to dental visits, your cleanings will do nothing if you aren't cleaning your teeth in between visits. From my experience, even inconsistent use of professional products get clients better results than consistent use of the poorly formulated products.

I can pretty well guarantee results when my clients listen to recommendations, of course that isn't always the case as sometimes there are factors like health issues involved in some skin conditions and concerns, but for the most part, the people that take my recommendations see results and improvement in their skin.

If you are interested in a specially curated skin care regimen, please book a consultation with me. I'm happy to help anyone with their skin so they can feel their best!

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