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Inside the Treatment Room

Inside the Treatment Room: It's my first blog post! About Aphrodite Esthetics

Hey! Hi! Hello!

My name is Amanda Sautel and I am the owner of Aphrodite Esthetics out of Greenwood, IN. I went to school in 2019 after deciding I wanted to become a makeup artist and I fell in love with everything about esthetics. I got a job directly out of school at a local day spa and quickly became the lead esthetician where I trained on new hires and worked to make the esthetics department the best that I could. There were many reasons that I left, but the main reason being that I felt like I wanted to learn more. I got hired at a medical spa nearby and I pretty much knew from the beginning that it wasn't going to be home for me. I searched and searched for other places hiring and couldn't find anything at the time. I knew I couldn't stay where I was so I began to formulate a plan of how I could work for myself. From this, Aphrodite Esthetics was born in May of 2022.

I still worked at the med spa for about 7 more months while I worked on my off days in my suite to try to build up a clientele and a name for myself to where I felt comfortable enough going full-time. It was Jan 2023 before I went full-time. It is now October of 2023 and I still sometimes question if that was the right decision. I am still very much building clientele so I am not always fully booked. Aphrodite Esthetics is meant to be a marriage of relaxation and results and I take great pride in going above and beyond for my clients to feel as if they are in the lap of luxury.

Amanda laughs with client laying on treatment table comfortably set up for a facial.
Amanda and client laugh together during a facial.

I love helping my clients to relax and feel the most confident in their skin.

I love being around my clients and gifting them with relaxation that is so hard to find in this life at times. I get to use my knowledge to help clients gain the confidence of leaving the house without makeup. I get to help clients just to feel comfortable in their skin. I am so grateful to be able to do what I do. My goal for this spa is to be able to expand and hire other estheticians and provide a brilliant, and healthy workplace for others in the esthetics industry and be able to expand my abilities to help people.

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for reading, but most especially for those of you who are my clients and allow me to do what I do, I love my work each and every day!

I plan on updating the blog once a week with skincare topics and business updates. Book now and subscribe to my blog to keep up!

Woman gives a relaxing facial massage to another woman in spa.
Amanda gives client relaxing facial massage at Aphrodite Esthetics.

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1 Comment

Oct 10, 2023

You are an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

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