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Exfoliation for Winter

This week, I feel like it is time to address some more skincare tips. This is a "skincare" blog, after all. Winter is often when most people find their skin being too dry. So often, we estheticians preach hydrating products, which are very important, but most often, the people I hear complaining about dryness are also not exfoliating. Exfoliating is the process where we scrape some of the dead junk off our face. This is important because as we age, the cell turnover process slows down which leaves all that buildup just STUCK on the top of your skin. When we use a scrub, enzyme, or other chemical exfoliation, we remove the dead layer. This is important during the winter because you will feel dry no matter what you use and how often you use it if the dead layer is too thick, nothing will penetrate to the live skin, and you will still feel dry. This will help your skin look and feel more moisturized as well as retain a youthful glow.

While I preach exfoliation, I will say that there can be too much of a good thing and over exfoliation does happen, especially when it comes to scrubs and certain chemical exfoliants. Over exfoliating can be just as bad as not exfoliating enough. Moral of the story is listen to your skin and what it needs, but don't do too much.

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