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The Forgiving Sea

I think this week I want to talk about one of my favorite pieces in my treatment room: The Forgiving Sea.

As an esthetician, I sometimes become a sort of "therapist" for people. They tell me things they may or may not share with others, deep, meaningful things about their lives. I like to think of the treatment room as a sort of healing place where one can let go of their outside stressors. This is where the Forgiving Sea comes into play.

The Forgiving Sea is an interactive painting where people can write the names of people or events they want to forgive or let go of, and eventually the piece gets painted over so that each of these people gets to be a part of the piece while healing. Since Carolyn Springer started the Forgiving Sea Project in 2016, it has since become a non-profit organization for healing and conservation. If you would like to learn more about the project, click here.

When Carolyn posted about her smaller pieces needing a new home, I jumped on the opportunity to support a local artist and friend. I loved the idea of displaying art in my space from local artists and the idea of using this piece for healing felt especially fitting in the treatment room. When Carolyn and I met to choose the piece I would bring into the room, it was a lovely little reunion, as we hadn't seen each other in a few years. Carolyn was one of my favorite professors in school when I was going to UIndy for Art Teaching. I never finished my degree but stayed connected with Carolyn and a few friends from school via Facebook. She showed me the larger versions around her studio and then the little ones that would fit best in my space and I chose one I liked.

I think I chose it because I liked the simplicity of the piece so far and how the top bit looked like light streaming down which felt hopeful to me. At the first paint over session, Carolyn added a pod of happy little dolphins as an allusion to Aphrodite, while we listened to the Forgiving Sea Soundtrack by composer Joseph Lamm on Spotify. I also got to help paint over some of the names I wrote down on the piece and experience a little bit of healing.

I love the fact that as we utilize the piece, we all become a part of it and it keeps transforming as we all use it. I love how the act of forgiving others can bring peace to ourselves and sometimes we even need to forgive ourselves for things. I like to tell all my clients about this piece so they can utilize it for their needs, and I don't ever ask about the names they write if I see them write it.

Come visit me and the Forgiving Sea by making an appointment.

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